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Step By Step Instruction: How To Wash Your Car Like a Professional?

Step By Step Instruction: How To Wash Your Car Like a Professional?
November 14, 2017 admin

Detailing a car means paying attention to tiny details and going beyond the usual washing and vacuuming. You should begin working on the interiors first. If you mess up exteriors while detailing the interiors, you don’t need to worry about that.

What Tools Do You Need For Detailing A Car?

– Clean Rags
You will need some clean cotton rags, cloth towels. and some old newspapers.
– Brushes
Toothbrushes. paintbrushes or any other type of brushes can be used for removing dirt from axles and some other areas.
– Spray Bottles
Plastic spray bottles will be used for spraying water.
– Foam Pads
Foam pads will be used to thoroughly clean a variety of surfaces.
– Cleaners
You will need an all-purpose cleaner. upholstery cleaner and carpet cleaner for detailing.
– Canned Air
It is better to have multiple cans of compressed air. The number of cans you will need depends on how much cleaning your vehicle needs.
– Vacuum Cleaner
It must have multiple attachments for wet as well as dry cleaning. Also. attachments that can clean the corners and gaps will be required as well.
– Surface Protector
You will need to protect the vinyl and leather surfaces.

Detailing The Interior Of The Car

– Dashboard
Apply the cleaning solution to a small piece of cloth and clean the buttons, knobs, etc. Don’t make the area too wet and dry it thoroughly. You can also use a battery powered air dryer, but it is completely optional.
– Steering Wheel Column
Use the cleaning solution to remove all dust and stains. Dry it thoroughly and apply a surface protectant to the area. Don’t use silicone based protectant as they make the area too shiny and greasy.
– Center Console
Use canned air to blow the dirt out of the crevices. You can also wrap the duct tape around your hand to attract all the pet hairs and make the area schmutz free. Clean the center console thoroughly, and air dry it.
– Door Jambs
Open the car doors. Use compressed air to remove dust. Use a small piece of cloth and apply the cleaning solution to it. Clean all plastic and metal parts with it. Dry them up and use brushes and cotton swabs to remove tough stains and other areas.
– Door Interiors
Spray the cleaning solution on a piece of cloth and clean the non-clothed area of your door interiors with it. Clean all the crevices and cracks thoroughly. Use a dry cloth to pat dry the surface.
– Carpets
Vacuum the carpets thoroughly and get rid of stains using a stain remover. Try to use as little water as you can for cleaning and removing stains.
– Floor Mats
Use a brush with thick bristles to clean the floor mats. Use a vacuum cleaner and other detailing tools to make them completely dirt and stain free. Keep them outside to dry thoroughly.
– Upholstery
Vacuum seats and clean stains using the same process you used for carpet cleaning.
– Windows
Use a mirror cleaning solution and make the interiors of the windows shine. Dry thoroughly.

Detailing The Exterior Of The Car

– Clean Wheel Rims
Use a wheel brush and degreaser and thoroughly clean the wheel rims.
– Wash Tires
Wash the tires thoroughly with a high-pressure nozzle and remove all the dirt. Make them dry and apply tire dressing. Let the dressing soak in and use a cotton cloth for shining the tire surface.
– Wash Car’s Exterior
Give your car a good wash using a car shampoo and a foam pad. Use a cotton cloth dipped in a cleaning solution to clean the areas that you find dirty.
– Clean The Windows And Mirrors
Clean the windows using a cloth sprayed with the cleaning solution. Make sure that you thoroughly clean all the corners of the windows and mirrors.
– Use Liquid Clay Bar
Use clay bars to remove bonded contaminants that you are unable to remove using the cleaning solution.
– Inspect Thoroughly
Inspect inside and outside of the car thoroughly and make sure that all the areas are thoroughly cleaned.
– Apply Wax
Dry off the entire car including the gaps where water can stagnate. Wax your car’s entire surface on the outside and inside except carpet and upholstery. Let the wax dry and clean it using a cotton cloth. If you find any wax deposits in the corners. clean them using a brush.

You will need a few hours for detailing your car. Detailing your car at least once a month can keep your car shining like new for a long time.


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